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Our DVD collection Test Prep software entails in-depth SAT content review, drills, strategies, and practice tests to help raise your score. Thorough SAT content review, drills, strategies, and practice tests designed to help raise your score. Thousands of test questions, complete score analysis and performance feedback, interactive lessons, exam strategies and hints. This powerful approach combines personalized instruction with realistic practice and score-raising strategies. With the in-depth lesson plans edition, you will unlock the tests and get the high score you need to get into the college you want.

Diagnostic Test : Take a diagnostic exam to determine test strengths and weaknesses.

The software enables students to develop personal study plan for the test.

Over 30 hours of lesson plans that cover the writing, vocabulary & math section.                                                       

10 full length sample tests.                                                                                                                                                        $249.95

Ongoing support  through the Study Desk.

The SAT Reasoning Test is a long examination (three hours and forty-five minutes) and has three main divisions:

                        Math  Reading Writing

There are 10 sections in all three for each division, and one equating section. The equating section is used to assess questions for use in future tests. (It can be in any of the three areas and does not count toward the score).

Apart from a short essay and ten out of the 54 math questions, the questions are all five-answer multiple-choice. Each of the divisions has a maximum score of 800, giving a maximum overall score of 1600.

The  software program has been designed to cover each test section extensively with material that covers  the core content of the entire test.